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Liver Center - Patient Services

Doctors Office Building

Outpatient services are usually provided in Suites 302 and 308 of the Doctors Office Building at 3660 Vista Avenue. The Liver Center’s strength lies in evaluating and managing patients with all types of liver disease ranging from simple to complex. Our physicians strive to provide the most accurate, timely and cost-effective evaluation of patients with liver enzyme abnormalities and known liver disease, or those with complications of cirrhosis.

Percutaneous liver biopsy is usually essential for the evaluation of patients with any type of liver disease. Our extensive experience in outpatient liver biopsy allows for safe and cost-effective testing, and our close working relationships with expert hepatic pathologists ensures an accurate diagnosis.

Our expertise in diagnosing and treating liver disease range from the evaluation of trivial enzyme abnormalities due to fatty liver to the management of severe, complicated, end-stage liver disease in patients awaiting liver transplantation. Ongoing clinical research activities allow patients to be included in protocols evaluating various new therapies for treatment of liver diseases. Many patients can receive the latest forms of therapy free of charge with the support of a pharmaceutical industry-sponsored study.

Through Saint Louis University Hospital, the Liver Center’s transplantation service is approved by UNOS, certified by Medicare and designated a center of excellence by several major insurance providers. Recognizing that continuity of pre- and postoperative care is just as essential to successful outcomes as the actual surgery, a multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing the full spectrum of care. Our hepatologists work closely with the liver transplant surgeons and the pre- and post-transplant coordinators to develop an individualized plan for each patient. The goal of the Liver Center is to provide patients with efficient and cost-effective care from evaluation to post-transplant follow-up.

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