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Liver Center - Naomi Judd Award Recipients

Prior to the launch of her successful singing career, Naomi Judd, a former registered nurse, worked in an intensive care unit where she was exposed to hepatitis C. In 1991, Ms. Judd was diagnosed with the disease. She experienced many of the severe symptoms of hepatitis C viremia which forced her to retire from her singing career and touring with her daughter Wynonna that same year.

She was successfully treated with interferon between 1996 and 1997 at Saint Louis University and has returned on several occasions to lead fundraising events for us.  She has used her celebrity status to improve hepatitis C awareness.  Because of Naomi's commitment in furthering hepatitis C education, we are delighted to honor those who have helped this cause in Saint Louis by bestowing upon them the Naomi Judd Award.

The criteria for Naomi Judd Award is: "A commitment in furthering hepatitis C education and/or contribution to improving the treatment and awareness of liver disease".

Since 2004, The Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center have been honored to present the Naomi Judd Award to these recipients for their continued support of hepatitis C research.


Sue Barlett, Joan Lipic and Jeff Reinberg - 2004
Adrian M. Di Bisceglie, M.D. - 2005
Schering Plough - 2006
Joy Doll and Stephanie Mannis - 2007
Robin Ude - 2008
LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics - 2009
William Sly, M.D. - 2010
Bruce R. Bacon, M.D. - 2011
Ratna Ray, Ph.D., and Ranjit Ray, Ph.D. - 2012
John Tavis, M.D. - 2013
Mark Schnitzler, Ph.D. - 2014
Jeffrey Teckman, M.D. - 2015
Brent A. Tetri, M.D. - 2016

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