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Liver Center - John E. Tavis, Ph.D.

John E. Tavis, Ph.D.

Dr. Tavis joined Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 1994 as a molecular virologist. He has been active in the Saint Louis University Liver Center since its inception.

Dr. Tavis studies Hepatitis C virus genetics and the Hepatitis B virus reverse transcriptase. HBV and HCV cause millions of deaths each year world-wide by inducing liver failure and liver cancer. HBV is a small virus with a DNA genome that is copied by the viral reverse transcriptase. Dr. Tavis conducts biochemical studies of the HBV reverse transcriptase with the goal of identifying novel targets for new antiviral drugs. HCV is a medium-sized virus with an RNA genome. Dr. Tavis’ lab studies how HCV’s genetic variation affects how the virus causes disease and how it responds to antiviral therapy. To date, these studies have led to over 30 scholarly articles, 13 competitive research grants, and two patent applications.



The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA1990


Post-doctoral training:

Molecular Virology

The Pennsylvania State University, 1990-1991

University of California, San Francisco, 1991-1994

Current Address

Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
1100 S. Grand Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63104

Contact Information

Fax: 314-977-8717

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